For my honours thesis in philosophy, I wrote on the topic of axiology and the philosophy of culture in Nietzsche’s thoughts.

All students with real majors at Yale-NUS were required to have a presentation on their capstone, though the philosophy major goes a step extra and have us have a “defence” for our honours thesis. We were to give a 20-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute defence, where nice professors will try to attack the core of your argument.

My capstone supervisor is Professor Matthew Walker and my secondary reader is Professor Bryan Van Norden.

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Hi there, I’m Jerrick.

I’m currently an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College (’19). I’ve created this site as a way to document the various projects I’ve embarked on in my life so far. I like to think these individual projects as atomic expressions of life—a brushstroke, you might say, on to the canvas of existence.