What happens after a star dies? Nothing much apparently. After a star exhausts the fuel necessary to sustain an outward pressure from its core, it goes through a process that ends its life and leave behind a stellar corpse. What happens to stellar corpses is seldom discussed in astronomy classes. I was inspired to teach a class at Yale SPROUT on exactly that. However, I do not wish to merely lecture, but also encourage and facilitate a discussion on the roles that these stellar remnants perform in the Universe.

I’d also like to say that the astronomy class was great. And by great, I mean it was phenomenal, and that you should definitely teach the class again next time! You covered a lot of base in the time that we had, and you also taught me how to calculate distance using absolute and apparent brightness, which came up on a test of mine not even 10 days later, so thank you so much for THAT as well!

— Student (Anonymous)

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